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D is for Dog

and Doh! I bet you thought I forgot again?

Tomorrow I will have my first ever mother’s helper. She will stay for about two hours so that I can get things done in and around the house that I otherwise would not get done. First I will take the dog for a walk and then go for a jog. I have to start jogging more frequently, as every time I go… I end up a bit sore the next day. I actually went for a quick jog tonight, although not on purpose.

We started out on our family walk, except that I forgot to put on tennis shoes. I few houses down the street and my ankles and shins started to ache. Flip flops were just not cutting it. So, I walked home, changed shoes and jogged to catch back up with the family. I even had a neighbor down the street chuckle at me – (probably since I was wearing normal shorts, a polo shirt and had long earrings in with sunglasses on my head!) – the family had gotten a bit further than I had thought they would (or had hoped they would) and so I got in quite the warm up!

Anyway, back to the mother’s helper… hopefully I will also get some house cleaning done and maybe even mow the grass. We shall see! I’m pretty excited about it.

The girls are still doing really well with their swim lessons – even venturing as far as putting faces in and holding breath! I’m really proud of them for being brave.

(ps- I’m working on changing the background again… so, stay tuned!)

summer days...

summer days...


One response

  1. This alphabetic blogging is fun

    Excited to hear or better said read your exposition’s each and every day. It has become exhilarating, and energizing. Extra care must be taken and you explore the E world, easy does it. Oh and your Dad says hi! Good Da.

    July 7, 2009 at 7:27 am

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