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C is for Children

Okay, so I missed a day, but I had good intentions. We came over to my parents house to spend the weekend (plus our adventure to other extended family) and it was just so gorgeous outside that I couldn’t bear to come in and post.

So, I’m feeling better… thanks for asking! The meds are working well and I’ve learned to cut down my coffee intake. However, since I went cold turkey on day one… I had a screaming headache for two days.

My kids are so cute. They loved swimming most of the afternoon yesterday and ate dinner as quick as possible so they could get back in. Daddy bought sparklers for them to do when it got dark and let me just say, they were not too impressive! After lighting one, it would go out shortly thereafter… but I think the girls had fun anyway. We saw a few fireworks from people’s homes, since we were on the water… and then on the way home we saw a huge fireworks display. So, we pulled the car over so the girls could ooh and aah over them. After a few minutes, the oldest child says, “okay, I’m really tired, let’s go home”, then, “wait! That was beautiful, fireworks are so cool… but I’m really tired… but let’s stay.” It was pretty funny. We got back to my parents house at 11 pm and everyone went straight to bed.

The weather has been so perfect the last few days – and the bugs haven’t been bad either. I remember this time last year trying to find a solution for the pesky creatures… so, it has been a nice few days not worrying about it. I think being on the water with the breeze really helps!  (Side note, I do spray garlic oil and light tiki torches every time the kids and I go outside to play.)


One response

  1. Sounds like a celebration to me

    What an exciting day or days you have had, did miss you yesterday, dah, look forward to the dissertation later today. good DAA

    July 5, 2009 at 1:43 pm

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