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Fun run…

Okay, so that title is sarcastic. The last few days have certainly been a run around… but not too much fun.

Sunday morning we woke up and our dog Rusty could not open his right eye. It had been a bit red for about a week and I was planning on taking him in to the vet on Monday… so since our vet was closed, we took him to a vet that was open – only to be charged for an exam and sent to the emergency animal hospital. After waiting a few hours, he was finally seen and told that he needed to stay overnight and be monitored until an Ophthalmologist could see him. They did a pressure test and his normal eye was at 4 psi and his right eye was at 29 psi. Ouch! By nightfall it was at 49 psi. Talk about pressure! They had to put him on a salt solution IV drip to dehydrate him and try and take away some of the pressure. The pressure caused secondary glaucoma and he is now on 4 pills twice a day and 2 different eye drops every 6 or 8 hours, which basically means I am giving him something about every 2 or 3 hours from 5 am until 11 pm. Poor guy. He is doing much better and will be re-evaluated on Monday to see if he needs an eye biopsy. If the glaucoma has not cleared up at all, there is a possibility of a tumor behind his eye.

The rest of the running around has to do with my kids. Pig Will had 3 cavities and they filled one and did 3 sealants on her right side of her mouth… she will go back in January to get the left side done (which is the other two cavities and 2 sealants). What they neglected to tell me was that they were TOTALLY encasing her tooth with a stainless steal cap. The cavity was so far down and between her teeth, that it was impossible to just “fill” it. She is pretty concerned about what she looks like… however, she has sort of shown her silver tooth off to everyone she sees. She complained of it hurting this morning… so, it looks like I’ll be calling the dentist today.

Today I’m taking the girls to see their new doctor. Since we got out of the Navy and changed insurance, I had to find a new doctor. They require you to be seen as soon as possible. I feel like Pig Will has missed so much school lately.

Tomorrow is Pig Me Too’s school play. They are doing The Charlie Brown Christmas. I think she is just a background kid… but her big role is that she is singing a duet with yours truly… so it should be pretty interesting. I feel kind of silly getting up there with the kids, but the look on PMT’s face is such a blessing to me. She is so proud (and shy!) to be singing… and with her favorite singer! 🙂

…and that is only half of it… so, the fun run continues…


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  1. Tell PW that Belle has a silver tooth also. Her dentist told her it was a princess tooth, but she didn’t really buy it. It seems like her gum was sore the next day-maybe some tylenol would help. They have to do a lot of poking and prodding for those caps.

    December 18, 2008 at 11:31 am

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