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Happy 7th Birthday, sweet girl

Moving on is hard. Today was a special but tough day. My youngest child turned 7 years old today. I woke up and tried to concentrate on her the whole day. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, opened gifts, went to church, had a special paint your own pottery party with her friends, dinner with my parents and finally dessert at my sister’s house. Today was also the first birthday celebration that we’ve had with our Seven year old without our puppy. A wonderful, fun day… but bittersweet with memories.

I’m dreaming of a white… birthday?

On Saturday, my youngest daughter celebrated her 6th birthday.

She was so excited to show me how old she was on her hands. “Look mommy, I need BOTH hands now!!!”

no mistaking it... she is 6!

The morning started with some homemade pancakes. Let’s just say I will not be posting the recipe that I used. Blech. The birthday girl took a few bites and then politely asked for some frozen Aunt Jemima pancakes. Smart girl. The 7 year old ate them all. When I asked her if she liked them… she replied with, “no, I was just being nice.” Hm… maybe this kindness thing IS wearing off?

By 9 am, the snow started. What are the chances… snow, on the 5th of Dec – the ONLY day that I have a party planned. Thankfully the roads stayed clear and all of her girlfriends from Kindergarten were able to make the party. We went to a kids haircutting place that throws parties. They did hair, makeup and nails. Ten little girls in girly girl heaven.

freeze dance

limbo time

tea and manners...

When we got home, it was time for party number two. My parents and sisters family braved the weather to help celebrate some more. This time cousins ran around punching ballons, eating pizza and cake and finally the birthday girl opened her presents. She told me later that night, “Mom, I had the best day ever. Thank you for today.” (pause) Exclaiming: “I had FOUR parties. First during Thanksgiving at Mimi’s house, then on Friday we celebrated at school and my class sang happy birthday to me, and now today two parties.”

You deserve it! I am so blessed to have you in my life. Happy Birthday sweet little one.

Happy new born! Dec 5, 2003


Happy Birthday! Dec 5th, 2009

Fall leaves

No need to wonder why they call Autumn “fall”. If you look in my back yard each fall, it looks like the trees threw up. My yard is covered in every inch with leaves. This year we put off the task of weekly de-leafing, only raking once before the big fall. Big mistake! Layer after layer were rained on, causing the leaves to mush into the ground.

This weekend was spent as a family raking day. Everyone was helping out…

The girls wanted to rake leaves...

I managed to fill a whoping 8 bags of leaves from the front yard… then I discovered that hubs had already bagged 30… but he had help…

The leaf machine... (what ARE those called?)

and although it did help… he still had to go over each area with the rake to get all of the mushed up leaves and acorns that were trying hard to become trees.

Well... not EVERYONE helped... (Rusty enjoying the clean grass)

In other news… we ended our tailgating season with a birthday bash. Husband celebrated his 32nd birthday under a tent with hay, blankets and lots of food and people. Too bad he wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t eat his cake.

the kids took care of the cake...

or even open his own gifts…

we will handle this too, dad!


Hula all the way…

It is official. I have a seven year old. At 7:21 pm today my little girl took that leap. When I was reflecting earlier, I can remember balancing her up on my shoulder while I ate ice cream with both hands. She was about 5 and a half pounds and I could just ball her up on my shoulder when she was sleeping. It is amazing the character development that happens year after year. She is such a mature little girl – but atleast I still see the silly side of her too.

The Luau was a hit. The kids ran around, played in the sand box,


had a hula contest of sorts and hit the pinata, the hula girl, who’s body came off after the birthday girls second hit. The rest of the kids took a swing at the head… and then I gave in and let them hit the body while I held it.

hula girlbody-less hula girl

I don’t want to post pictures of other people’s kids, so that is all I can share. I also got a few of Grampy snoozing under a tree… but…

After the party was all cleaned up, the girls helped daddy wash his car and then we went out to dinner. When we got home, Rusty – our dog, was passed out on the floor. It seems he had a bit too much fun at the Luau.

dog (see him back there?!!)

Another year older…

This week has been filled with many wonderful memories. Monday, Pig Will’s first grade class made and decorated gingerbread houses with their 5th grade big buddies. I volunteered and had fun watching them work together. On Wednesday, we went ice skating with the girls and my sister’s family. This was the second time they had been and were a bit scared for the first hour. Soon they picked up a few moves and were begging to go back again. So, today, we took them to an outdoor rink and they both did fantastic.

Christmas morning the girls actually slept in and husband and I were up making coffee and breakfast when they finally came down. We didn’t take turns this year as we usually do… we just let them open one, right after the other at the same time. They would spend a few minutes inspecting the gift and then, since we wouldn’t open the wrappers, move on to the next gift. That afternoon we packed our bags and headed up to my parents house. My sisters family spent the night there also, so the cousins had a fun time together. I think this years Turkey was the best I’ve ever had. I’m not quite sure the exact recipe… but I do know that my dad talks to the Turkey while he gives him an hour massage.

So, back to today… it is my birthday. Being in my thirties never bothered me before… and it still doesn’t. However, being 33 feels a bit different. I’m not sure what it was, but I think I felt a bit wiser when I woke up this morning. I had a wonderful day. Husband made me coffee and breakfast. Then he cleaned up (which he does quite often). We went ice skating for 2 hours and then out to a German restaurant tonight. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet… but husband and I are going to Germany in February for a few days. We are doing a European delivery to pick up his new car. It should be a wonderful adventure. So, anyway, we wanted to show the girls what kind of foods we’d be eating over there, so we picked the German restaurant for tonight.

I’m excited for next week. The girls don’t have school and we have nothing planned. Oh – except for that Pig Will informed me tonight that we will be going ice skating on Thursday.

img_54811 img_54781

The hula girl…

I wish I had a video of the hula-girl. It is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. She is my 6 year old daughter and probably the best hula hooper on the block. The other night, as we were doing our bedtime routine, Pig Will picked up her hula hoop and started looping the loop. We then ended up having a sort of contest, mostly because mommy and daddy wanted to see if they still had “it”. I did better than hubs, but still could only hula the hoop around about 3 or 4 times. Pig Will keeps it going for several minutes. She will then fold her arms, fix her hair and make faces all while hula hooping. Pig Me Too was proud of herself for just getting it to spin around once or twice. They both had the best smiles on their faces. It is times like these that should last forever… but it was already 10 minutes past their bedtime. Oh, if it had been a weekend night…

So Pig Will finally has her consult with the pediatric dentist for her two cavities. The way the main dentist described them was that they just needed to be scraped, not filled… we shall see. She is pretty nervous and had a stomachache all day yesterday. She even went to the school nurse because of it. Poor girl.

On Monday, Pig Me Too had birthday party number three. I guess being disorganized pays off. We went over to my sisters house for a playdate, where Aunt K made a cake (from scratch, of course!) with the kids. My parents were there for a bit, so PMT got to open more gifts. The cake was super yummy and I got to learn all of the tricks of homemade. Dudley, their dog, thought the cake was yummy too. He grabbed my take-home slab when I was not looking.

This weekend is my husbands company party. It should be interesting, the Navy never had any holiday get togethers for the office. We went to the Hawkeye Ball, which was a formal event. We had get together with other couples in the squadron. We had our big homecoming (from deployment) celebration… but never an “office” party. I’m excited to meet some of husbands co-workers. Now, if I can just find out whether it is formal or cocktail…

The meaning of being Five

December 5th, 2003… seems like just a year or so ago that you were born, but here you are a big Five year old. My youngest. Sigh…

Last week we traveled to my in-laws new home. They moved recently, so it was a fun experience for everyone. The weather was beautiful and the house came complete with a swingset in the backyard. Good times and Turkey were had by all. Husband even carved a Turkey into a pumpkin while the children played with the guts.


At the end of the week, Mimi threw Pig Me Too a Suprise party. There were presents, a piñata and a yummy cake made by Aunt C. Since she loves to dress up, her new Fancy Nancy outfit is getting quite the workout.

Fancy Nancy

Pig Me Too’s little friends are coming over for a Tea Party. We will have a butterfly cake, “tea” (juice) and of course they will all be dressed up. Afterall, being dainty and fancy are all what being Five is about.

Happy Birthday Hubs!

Dear Hubs, I met you 10 years, 1 month and 7 days ago. That was a magical day. I remember how you walked up to me at church and introduced yourself. After I said my name, you replied with… “I know, you’re the singer girl.” I don’t remember anything else from that day, except for you called me at some point that night and we jibbered jabbered for over an hour. We didn’t go out on a date right away, rather we hung out in groups of friends for a few weeks. Finally, we gave in and went out on a date. I knew that night that we were meant to be.

Okay, so I won’t make the rest of this post a sappy love story. Most of you have heard it several times.

Husband, I am so proud of you. You have accomplished so much over the last 10 years. You have pushed beyond obstacles thrown in your path. Not only are you a handy man, but you are a helper. I don’t know many other men that help around the house like you do. You take pride in a clean and organized home. I know that I don’t always make that dream easy for you, but I try. I remember in our first year of marriage when you told me that you would always take care of cleaning the toliets because you didn’t think a lady should have to do it. You never wait to be asked, you just start washing and drying dishes… even when we are guests in someones house. You never hesitate to get it done, you just do it. I am so blessed. Then there is the obvious, you are extremely handsome! My heart still flutters when you walk into the room.

I hope you enjoy the day we have planned. I love you.

Happy Birthday Pig Will!

Today is Pig Will’s 6th birthday. I cannot believe another year is gone. As I was preparing for her small, all girls from her class with no adults or relatives party, I had a flash back to last year. I must have been doing the exact same thing preparing for her friends to arrive and remembered how sad I was that even though it was my daughters birthday, because my husband was in Afghanistan. He has been home now for the same amount of time that he was gone. That time went so slow. I pained over thinking about his situation – where he was and what he was witnessing. I pined over him – trying to remember his smell, his laugh. Now he has been back for 8 months and it completely flew by.

So here we are. I have a six year old. I’m not “old” by any means – just a mere 32 years young. However, it seems really strange to have a six year old.

The party went great. The “theme” of the party was “dogs”, Pig Will picked it out a month ago. She told me that she really loves her dog and she wanted to get dog plates and decorations. Okay. So, we started out with a craft. The girls painted little plastic dogs that can be hung in their windows. Then they played for about 10 minutes and we started our second craft, decorating cookies. I could not find dog cookie cutters, so we used some really cute girly cutouts… dresses, hats, crowns, shoes – they turned out really well. One of the girls informed me that she did not like cream cheese icing, the only kind I had. So, my wonderful husband made her some powdered sugar icing for her cookies. While they decorated, I made pizza – this time using the Pillsbury refrigerated dough. The girls played hide-and-seek. Then we ate pizza, cake and opened presents. It went pretty smooth and fast. They were typical girls and screamed as loud as they could the ENTIRE time. Fun fun.

I’ve started adding posts to my cooking blog. I have up two so far, but will post another right now and then after dinner tonight (if it comes out right), I will post another. Check it out! You can click HERE – or the link is on my side bar.