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The bean will sprout

I am still doing some searching on a Chef to follow cook through their cookbook. After a ton of soul searching, I’ve decided that I really want to try and cook every recipe in someones cookbook. Now, the question is who. My first instinct was to choose Alton Brown. However, I have followed a few of his recipes and they are pretty daunting. Next I thought of Giada – but I’ve made practically everything in the two cookbooks that I have of hers. Then I came across Cat Cora. I love watching Iron Chef America, so looking into that seemed like a good idea. I don’t think I am good enough to make anything by Masaharu Morimoto!

It has been a week since I typed the above note… and since then, I was at Target and spotted Giada’s new cookbook and gave in. It was an easy choice because there were no other cookbooks by people I have heard from – AND I peeked inside the cookbook and was overwhelmed by the aroma that I imagined from the recipes. Now… here comes the task, the cooking. I’m thinking the best time for me to start this is on June 16th, the day after school gets out and my last day of work! That way I will have time to shop for proper ingredients and make the dish.

In other news, tonight is the Talent Show at the high school. We use their auditorium because it is much, much bigger and nicer. Last night was the final rehearsal and the girls looked so cute up there on stage!! I think it is funny how I get nervous each time I see them. Or rather, right when they are walking on stage. I don’t know if it is a pride thing – or if I am nervous because I am reliving my on stage days. Boy was that a long time ago…

Speaking of children… mine are super cute. I’m really torn about this being the end of yet another school year… but, what can we do? I guess God has a reason that we grow up so fast. Today my Kindergartner was the guest reader for her class. She picked a second grade reading level book. I’m not surprised, the books with super big words bore her. Huge difference from when my 8 year old was in Kindergarden… she took a Dick and Jane book to guest read. Since I noticed that others were reading at a faster pace, I made both girls read, listen to books and go to the library all summer long last summer. She is thankfully, now caught up, which made the 6 year old ahead… but that doesn’t bother me.


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