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It’s birthday time again!

It seems like each week passes more quickly than the last. I cannot believe another year has passed. My baby turned 8 years old today.

Last weekend she attended her very first slumber party. Now, she has had sleepovers with cousins before – so the nights of being silly and staying up late have happened before… but I have never shipped her off to another persons house for a slumber party. Rumor has it that the girls were all well behaved and eventually fell asleep. Needless-to-say, I am relieved!

This weekend found us in another “first” situation. My 8 year old and I had a camping weekend with the Girl Scouts. We slept in a cabin with 16 other girls and I was one of 4 adults. The first night they were pretty hyper, looking around the room at every noise (Which was mostly each other and the “swish, swish” of the old bunk mattresses.) and giggling with each other. Over all the girls were amazing. Willing to learn and explore new things. Next time I want to rough it with the girls and tent camp.

So here we are at today. A school day. Since we didn’t get home from the camping trip until yesterday afternoon, I haven’t had time to plan a friends party… so, today after school and work, we embarked on a journey to get ice cream cake and Chinese food. Last night when I asked my daughter what kind of cake she wanted, she replied, “ice cream cake” – which was a shock to me since I have always baked her a cake or cupcakes. I was going to bake it after she went to bed and major relief flowed over me when she said ice cream cake. This is the first year (since she started having friend parties) that I have not been on the ball at least a month in advance. If you remember back to last year, she had the Luau party which was a huge hit… but took me over a month to plan. This year she wants to have a slumber party. Pretty easy planning… except I was planning for our Disney trip instead. When we got back, I was planning for our camping trip. Oh well… I told her we would find a date for her slumber party this weekend while we did a continuation of her family birthday party with our movie night. She fell for it!

Happy 8th birthday to my first baby girl! You are so beautiful, smart and sweet. I love you!!

doing the happy dance! A zhu zhu!!


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