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Dreams of Disney

Was it a dream? We had a great time at Disney. The trip started with a 3 day journey. We headed out on Friday after school and drove a few hours, just to make a dent. We set up camp in a Wal*Mart and then left bright an early for our all day drive. Night two was spent at a SAMS club… a bit quieter and the only thing around was a brewing company. So, the outside smelled of beer and bread. Day three had us arriving at Fort Wilderness Campground around mid-day. We pulled in, set up camp and the girls immediately started riding their bikes. That night we went to the Hoop-de-do Review, a Western song and dance accompanied by the most “de-licious” pails of chicken and ribs.

Hoop-de-do Maw!

They even got to play a wash board!


It rained all night long and into the next morning, so we made the decision to wait a day for Magic Kingdom and headed into downtown Disney. The shops were overwhelming with everything Disney and the downtown streets were filled with exciting sights, especially outside the LEGO store. That night we went to the camp ground camp fire song and dance with Chip and Dale, roasted marshmallow’s and stayed up to watch the fireside movie.

cell phone pic... with Chip!!

On Tuesday we were up bright and early and on the boat to Magic Kingdom. We bolted in and immediately were able to watch all of the characters perform in front of the castle! The looks on the girls faces were priceless. They were both so overwhelmed and excited with completely different ways to handle it. The 6 year old was mesmerized. She stood there with a huge grin and did not say much. The 7 year old had her camera on and probably took 20 pictures… mostly which have the characters heads cut off because she was not looking at her camera, just shooting pictures!!

isn't it magical?

We then headed directly back to “it’s a small world” and the line was short! Again, both kids just completely in awe and shooting pictures. When we got off the ride, my 7 year old announced that we would ride it again, so that she could enjoy it this time. By the time we came off the ride the second time, other lines had piled up. We made the mistake of waiting an hour to ride the Peter Pan’s flight… cute ride, not worth an hour wait.

This is Leo, the Kindergarten class pet. It was our turn to host him.

hurry mom, I'm trying to enjoy the ride this time!!

We rode several rides, stood in several lines and then went back to the camp ground for a two hour nap/rest. It was painful waking the kids… I think they might have slept the whole night had I let them! We took the boat back over to Magic Kingdom, watched the parade and then followed it down main street to find a place to watch the fireworks. The fireworks started with Tinkerbell magically flying from the top of the castle – out of sight.

all I could see was the annoying 3 people (the only ones around us!) that wouldn't sit down... grrrr

Since it was already 11 pm and the crowds were mostly heading out of the park, we went the other direction and rode the carousel, small world (yes, for the 3rd time!!) and a few other rides before heading back to the camp ground. The girls were so worn out that we slept in the next morning before heading off to Epcot.

More tales to come…


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  1. Good storytelling Mama! Having just been to “The Happiest Place On Earth” in January for my bday you brought all the memories rushing back. I love the “Hoop-de-do-Musical-Review!” The food was good. We went to that show the first night of our honeymoon in 2004. Picture this: when the actors go around to the audience to announce the birthdays and anniversaries one came up to Pete and asked if he was Pete O’Connor and on his honeymoon. Pete said yes and when asked where I was (in the bathroom) the spotlight came on him and the actor. The actor introduced us and then someone from below (we were in the balcony seating) “Where’s Karen?!” The actor announced that Pete lost his wife already. I still haven’t lived that down! When nature calls… you know!
    Anyway, can’t wait to read more about the trip and see more pics. Thanks for sharing!

    April 12, 2010 at 5:46 pm

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