Ramblings from my life…

Back to basics

Funny how children outgrow likes and dislikes. My kids have always liked crafts, but right now they are really into cutting and gluing. It doesn’t matter if what they cut gets glued… and it doesn’t matter if what they glue was ever cut. Most things they make don’t make sense, but they always have an explanation for them. One thing the kids had seemed to outgrow was coloring books. Not coloring, they still like to color their creations and make cards for people… but opening an actual coloring book hasn’t been done in ages.

Yesterday I took the girls to ToysRus/BabiesRus to get a baby gift for a friend. When we were done, we walked by the game aisle and just glanced. They didn’t ask me to look at other toys and they didn’t ask to buy anything… until the checkout line. Behold, there was a huge display with coloring books. They looked so pretty and nice. They were shouting, “hey little girl! color me!!” and so they asked. “Can we have a coloring book? Look how pretty they are”! Seriously? So the 50 or so coloring books all stacked up neatly at home aren’t pretty anymore?

As soon as we returned home, the girls ran downstairs, grabbed markers and coloring books and have been coloring ever since. Well, they did sleep… but they are back at it this morning.

oooo, coloring is fun!


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