Ramblings from my life…

Snow Wonderland…

AKA Kid Paradise.

But first, a funny story. I normally blog when I (a), have something to blog about, (b), have the time to blog and (c), remember what it was that I was going to blog about. I normally do not write anything down in advance or jot down cute things that my kids say. However, knowing that I eventually wanted to blog about the snow, I wrote it down on my “to do” list along with laundry, cleaning, groceries and the like. I also made some notes under the word blog that I would title it “Snow Wonderland” or “Snow Paradise”. I just sat down to finally type this blog out only to find my word “snow” crossed out and replaced by “kid”. I haven’t found any other small person edits… so, I will continue.

Our weather has looked a bit like this… snow, then more snow and then a bit more snow. While the kids have had fun playing in the snow wonderland, I am done. I think the dog is done too. Poor guy scratches at the door, excited to go out and roam his wonderful huge yard, only to find out that the white stuff is still covering his precious kingdom. Where’s a poor guy supposed to run his figure eights? How is he supposed to catch that squirrel now? Earlier in the season, Rusty pulled a muscle trying to run after a squirrel when he slipped on the icy stairs that go down into the yard. Now, he will just sit at the top of the stairs and bark at the squirrel as if to say, “I see you… and I could catch you if I wanted to…”

So we have done what any normal family does when it snows and school is canceled for over a week. We have built a snow tunnel, built snowmen (and a snow dog), made several new recipes for dinner and baked yummy goodies and let’s not forget crafts. My kids love crafts. I have started to teach them how to make friendship bracelets. The 7 year old loves it… the 6 year old, not so much.

Here are a few pics of our snowy adventures…

the snow tunnel...

the snow blob that the 6 yr old helped me with...

the snow reindeer... or dog???

husbands perfect snowman... um, yeah.


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