Ramblings from my life…

everything… and the kitchen sink

…and the adventures of life continue.

Last weekend the family participated in the Powder Puff Derby. It is a Girl Scouts sister event to the Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby. They are given a block of wood and told to transform it into a car weighing no more than 5 ounces. Yeah, I wanna see a 7 year old girl use a saw to cut the rectangle into a car shape, then sand it and paint it… oh, and don’t forget the weights. My husband carved the car out and let her help sand and paint it. I think that was a smart idea. When they went to register the car it weighed 3.5 ounces… I guess that is what happens when you hold a stick of 4 ounce butter in one hand and a car in the other…

Surprisingly, the car came in last in every race. My sweet little girl was not upset though. She held her head high and was very proud of the car that she made with daddy. I guess it helped that we were rooting her car on and then exclaiming, “woo hoo! dead last!!”, each time.

yes, gray paint was all we had on hand...

A few days later on Wednesday night, the Brownies (younger girl scouts) had their Investiture ceremony where they dedicated themselves to the Girl Scouts and the Girl Scout Law. It was pretty cute.  The following night was the 6 year olds Daisy meeting. (An even younger set of GS).

This weekend my older brother-in-law came to visit with his family. The girls love to hang out with their cousins and everyone had a great time… especially when it started to snow Saturday morning!

yay for snow!!

I have continued to try new recipes and upgrade some of the ones we’ve learned to love. I made a shepherds pie out of ground lamb which was very light and tasty. I posted the recipe HERE. Keeping with the lamb theme, I made my famous procuitto lamb burgers, upgrading them with a bit of fresh parsley worked into the mix. I then tried a very spicy Pork Chops alla Pizzaiola, which was mostly spicy because I went overboard on the crushed red pepper. As usual, Giada did not disappoint with her Italian morsels. The dish is usually made with steak – as a Pizza-man style lunch because the Pizza man usually already had the red sauce for his pizza’s ready.

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