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The iPod

My children do not have their own iPod’s. Since my husband and I both have one, we let them “dock” in the kids rooms. At the beginning of the year, the older child got an iHome clock for her birthday and this year the younger child got an iHome clock for her birthday. This brings me a glimpse into the teenage years…

This morning, both girls were upstairs getting dressed for school. Both girls had iPod’s blasting tunes. Both girls were blasting different songs and singing along. Oh boy…

I think about the teenage years a lot. It really frightens me. I think about the way I acted as a teen… how poorly I treated my parents sometimes. I am not ready. Hopefully these next 6 years will go slow enough that I will be able to prepare myself and help the girls to grow. Yikes… in 5 years and 4 months my oldest will be 13.

In other news, our Elf friend, Mr. Squiggles has made an appearance on our shelf. Every evening he flies to the North Pole to report to Santa and every morning he comes home and sits on another shelf to listen in on the day. If the girls have even so much as started to argue… we gently remind them of the Elf sitting on the shelf… and they are friends again. I wonder how many more years we can have this Elf… and if he can stay year round??

Multi-tasking... (eating chocolate and playing the DS, another favorite of this generation!)

playing Super Mario brothers "wirelessly" vs her sister... (amazing...)

One response

  1. The older i get the better you were

    As I ponder back on the early years . . . . you were the teen age girl who was close to perfect! 🙂

    December 18, 2009 at 10:40 pm

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