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As you know, my kids have been learning about kindness to others. In some ways it has helped them realize that there are people in the world that aren’t as fortunate as they are. However, it always comes back to the fact that they are kids. After a child turns four or five years old, the realization hits them that they are their own people. All of the sudden, they are more independent and self aware. They see that mommy and daddy are still in charge – but that they can get away with more if they keep disobeying.

I have really sweet kids. Most of the time they are getting along with each other and being nice in general. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have major mean streaks or that they aren’t selfish. Children are selfish by nature. Who am I kidding? All humans are selfish by nature. Which brings me to my point. Christmas.

Christmas is the time of year when most parents hear, “I want, I want, I want…” If I showed you the number of “Dear Santa” letters that I’ve hidden away (because Santa already picked them up!) in the last few weeks, you’d be shocked! It is mostly the six year old. I don’t remember if the 7 year old was this way the last few years? I’m guessing she must have been. She is a bit more tame this year. She wrote one letter and has mostly talked about what she would love to get other members of the family. As I type, the six year old is writting yet another letter. Funny part is, she almost always has asked for the same thing in each letter. The last one contained a price and everything. “Dear Santa, For Christmas I want (fill in) and it costs ($$).” I guess Santa doesn’t make toys anymore…

Every year we go over the true meaning of Christmas with the kids. They learn about the birth of Jesus and why God sent him to the Earth. Throughout the year we discuss stories in the Bible and why Jesus died for our sins. If you ask the kids what Christmas is about. They will reply something like this… “Christmas is about Jesus’ birth and children getting presents to celebrate His birthday.” True… but, it always goes back to the “I want, I want” part. I need some ideas to make them want to give more than receive.

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  1. Terri

    When Meg was 8 yrs old, we sponsored a little girl in the Phillipines ,at Christmastime, through World Vision. Candace was six. We sponsored Candace until she was 18 and went off to nursing school, the maximum age for sponsorship. We were able to send her Christmas cards and small gifts that would fit in a small envelope. She would send us letters throughout the year. Meg loved it, and made her very aware how “much” she had compared to other little girls! We are currently sponsoring another little girl in Guatemala. You can send Christmas gifts like chickens, goats etc through World Vision now too. They send wonderful catalogs where you can order life saving gifts from for these kids and their villages.

    December 14, 2009 at 10:01 am

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