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Thanks Give… or Give Thanks

My kids made several Thanksgiving cards for relatives… although they forgot to hand most of them out. My 5 year old can write in phonics now and her cards were very cute to read. “Happy Thanks Give” (not sure where the “ing” went… unless she was trying to say Give Thanks. Always a fine line on whether to ask what it says or not…)

This weekend we traveled to my in-laws house. My husbands two brothers and families, along with his sister and parents were all there. Since both of his brothers are doctors, of course one of them was likely to be on call.  On Friday at 2:30 am the older brother and his wife left to travel the 4 hours home (leaving their 3 children with us!) for a 24 hour duty and returned on Saturday afternoon. The rest of the weekend was pretty calm and very relaxing. The kids and their cousins had a fun time, making messes wherever they turned.

movie time

playdough time

Santa time

One response

  1. Santa's Helper wants to know

    How did you get Kenny Rogers to sit with the children?

    December 1, 2009 at 9:42 am

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