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Fall leaves

No need to wonder why they call Autumn “fall”. If you look in my back yard each fall, it looks like the trees threw up. My yard is covered in every inch with leaves. This year we put off the task of weekly de-leafing, only raking once before the big fall. Big mistake! Layer after layer were rained on, causing the leaves to mush into the ground.

This weekend was spent as a family raking day. Everyone was helping out…

The girls wanted to rake leaves...

I managed to fill a whoping 8 bags of leaves from the front yard… then I discovered that hubs had already bagged 30… but he had help…

The leaf machine... (what ARE those called?)

and although it did help… he still had to go over each area with the rake to get all of the mushed up leaves and acorns that were trying hard to become trees.

Well... not EVERYONE helped... (Rusty enjoying the clean grass)

In other news… we ended our tailgating season with a birthday bash. Husband celebrated his 32nd birthday under a tent with hay, blankets and lots of food and people. Too bad he wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t eat his cake.

the kids took care of the cake...

or even open his own gifts…

we will handle this too, dad!



One response

  1. All that wonderful shade has to go somewhere

    Oh what fun it is to . . . opps wrong song. It appears you have the “cleanest” yard on the planet. Hay for a tail gate? Where are the horses? l
    Looks as if all are no worse for the wear of all the work. Aw to be young, I have been planning on painting my fence, have I told you what fun that will be? Come join me! 🙂

    November 24, 2009 at 3:57 pm

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