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Playing school

I loved playing school when I was little. There are many memories associated with me imagining I was a teacher with a room full of students. Sometimes the students were stuffed animals, but most of the time they were just imaginary. I would give a ton of tests and was pretty harsh on grading… well, the boys anyway. I remember giving all of the girls A+’s and the boys would usually get B’s, C’s and D’s… every once in awhile, I’d fail somebody… again, usually a boy.

Yesterday, my sick child spent the entire day on the couch. She watched a bunch of TV shows, did lots of crafts on the couch, read books and just vegged. Today, her energy is back and after coloring, watching a movie and eating an entire Turkey sandwich… I can no longer confine her to the couch. I took a quick shower and left her coloring on the couch… only to get out and find her downstairs playing in the basement. I just sat next to the stairs to have a listen and sure enough, she is playing school. She is walking around with a notepad and pencil and calling out spelling words. Too cute. I’m glad to see her imaginary playtime by herself. This is the first time in almost 5 years that she has had alone time. Her little sister loves to be with her constantly… and even if I send them to their own rooms for self play, the little one finds herself sneaking into her room.

Cheers to sick days, having an imagination and one-on-one cuddle time with mom.

"Class" picture taken last weekend...

"Class" picture taken last weekend...

One response

  1. the boy that failed

    A tough teacher are you! Glad to hear your big one is better. Think an apple would help with the grades?

    October 26, 2009 at 5:17 pm

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