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Makes you want to be five…

A few nights ago while I was preparing dinner, it was one of the 70 degree fall days and my kids were out playing on the swing set. At first it started out with them just swinging and chatting… then, all of the sudden they ran inside and downstairs. I could hear them talking and saying, “If you are wrong, you have to do my homework for two weeks!” (Um… what???) Then they went back outside. I have no idea what their bet was about or who won.

When the kids play outside, I glance through the kitchen window at them every few minutes. My five year old was running as fast as she could to the swing and flying through the air on her tummy. I could hear her laughter and smiled thinking… please don’t fall over and hit your head. Yes, this is the child that has been to the ER twice for head stitches before she turned Four.

Yesterday was also a nice afternoon, so I sent the kids out with the dog. He loves to be outside… but strange as it sounds, he hates to be alone. Your typical dog would sit in the sun for hours – but not Rusty. He will gladly sit there and chomp on a stick, but if the kids come inside… so does he. This time when I looked out the window, my five year old was following Rusty around brushing him. She told him to sit, which he ignored, and kept brushing him.

oh to be a kid

oh to be a kid

kids playing, dog sitting

kids playing in the club house, dog sitting


One response

  1. You make the picture perfect

    I was smiling while reading, well said and better done! 🙂

    October 14, 2009 at 5:36 pm

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