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and so it goes…

What can I say? Life is busy. I subbed three times this week, volunteered for two hours in the Elementary school media center and had an Endoscopy on Thursday.

The week started out with only three things planned. I planned on helping in the media center, I planned on attending a girl scout meeting with my older daughter and I planned on having my Endo on Thursday.

On Tuesday morning, I knew I needed to work. I logged into the substitute system to see one job pop up. It was for a teachers assistant at the local special education center, but it was in a call out. Meaning, I could not take the job because it was being offered via telephone to someone else. Normally these jobs aren’t grabbed right away b/c teachers assistants only make about half the pay of a teacher. Usually I will have received about 3 or 4 calls by this time for TA’s in special education, but for whatever reason, I hadn’t. I kept refreshing the page in hopes that the job would not be in a call out… when another job popped up. It was for 5th grade at another school. Yet again, it was in a call out. At this point it was already 8 am and I hadn’t showered. I refreshed for another 10 minutes and still both jobs were in call out. I thought it strange that no one seemed to want the 5th grade teaching job… and just prayed that it would still be there when I got out of the shower. Amazingly, both jobs were still in call out. As I sat there and refreshed… the clocked ticked to 8:55 and I HAD to drive my kids to school. I hit refresh one more time and the job said, “accept?”… ack! I hit yes and headed out the door with yogurt, a cheese stick and a power bar for my lunch. After I dropped my kids off, I called the school that I was going to, to let them know that I was on my way. (The school starts at 9 am… it was 9:05 and I was still 10 mins away.) When I arrived, the teacher was still in the classroom with a teachers aide teaching. It turns out she had lost her voice. Anyway… she needed another day break and asked me to sub the next day also.

On Thursday I had my Endoscopy (remember when I was diagnosed with GERD?). For those of you not in the know, it is where they take a small tube (camera) and look around in your esophagus and stomach. The procedure is quick, but they knock you out, so you need someone to drive you. My mom and I got there early and checked in. They took me back to a prep room and tried to start my IV. After 3 attempts (yep), the head nurse finally got the 4th try in. (I swear when I subbed on Friday that people thought I must be using something…) The immediate things they found out were that I have a hiatal hernia, which means that part of my stomach is pushing through up into my esophagus. Nice, right? The results on the biopsies they took won’t be in for a few weeks.

So, yeah… I’m pretty whooped this week.

Today we cleaned out the basement (again) and reorganized some furniture, even giving a dresser (that was being used for dress up and play kitchen stuff…) away. Then we headed to a local corn maze. There are probably 15 pumpkin patches/corn maze type places with a 10 mile radius around here… so not hard to find fall fun! I wish I had remembered my camera… but instead I will leave you with this…

My sister and I (the baby!)

My sister and I (the baby!)

So many of my local friends are having babies lately… Congrats to Dana, Jamie and Valerie! In other exciting news… my sister is pregnant with number three!!

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