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I took my first substitute job Wednesday. At the end of the day I was worn out.

The day started with a phone call at 6 am. I jolted up out of excitement only to be completely confused. The school stated it was a job at a local school in the special education department. I had to repeat the message 7 or 8 times until finally husband and I decided that since the school started earlier than my kids school, I could not go. I declined the offer and hung up.

For the next hour, while making lunches and getting my girls ready for school, I debated what I would do in the future. Friends had offered previously to take my kids for the 30 mins in the morning before school… but this was too early to just drop in on someone without prior notice. Finally, I decided to call the school and ask them what I should do.

When I explained to the school that my kids went to a school that started 30 mins after their school, I then asked, “so, do you know of a program I can put my kids in or what do you suggest that I do?” She replied with – come in late. Drop them off and then come in.

I did just that. Dropped the kids off at school and then went to the special education school down the road.

First, I was placed in a class with children that had extreme disabilities. Most of them could not see or move on their own. It was very humbling to see a girl who was the same age as my oldest. It made me realize how much I rely on my kids to do things for themselves and how they are only 5 and 7… maybe, just maybe, they still need me for some of those things.

After about 15 mins, they transferred me to pre kindergarten because a teacher needed to go to a meeting. After lunch, I had my biggest challenge of the day. I was placed in a class of Autistic children. I’m not sure what the ages were – probably between 6 and 9. Let me tell you, another very humbling experience. These children were so bright. The major difference that I saw in them and my kids was the fact that they don’t always make eye contact. In many ways, these kids were more advanced than other kids their age. Place a puzzle down and bam, it is solved. Most of the things we worked with were in a puzzle type format. One of the girls could tell time and was working on completing sentences.

Overall it was an enlightening day. However, when I left, I had to pick my kids up, go home and start dinner, shower (because I hadn’t yet) and go to two different girl scout meetings. Did I forget to mention that both girls joined troops? Stay tuned…

cute, cute...

cute, cute...


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  1. Anon

    Hi just wanted to say on days like today I think of the service men and women and their families all over the world who protect the freedoms we enjoy. God Bless. I read your A for America post back in July and wanted to say every time I hear the national anthem I thank God for families like yours. We don’t tell you enough that you are appreciated.

    September 12, 2009 at 1:34 am

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