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The sound of silence

I can hear the humming of dehumidifier in the basement. Otherwise, my house is silent. No kids running around, laughing, fighting or playing. No TV or music on… the dog is sound asleep on the couch.

My brain, however, is in overtime. I am so behind on household chores. Every room is messy, tons of laundry has piled up and mother Hubbards cupboard is bare. Time to make a to do list.

This weekend was filled with tons of fun and family time. We spend all day Saturday at my parents house and spent the night. After church on Sunday, we needed to head back over the bridge to pack our things and head to my nephews birthday party. However, there was a major accident on the bridge closing traffic completely for a few hours. We didn’t have any where else to go to wait it out… so we opted to get a close spot in line to wait. After an hour and a half, we finally started to move and slowly made it over to grab our things and head out. By this time, there was a disabled vehicle on the bridge going in the other direction, so we had to sit in more traffic. I’ve been working on patience and I think I did pretty well! The girls had a blast at their cousins birthday party. There was some major wind, then a downpour and finally the clouds parted and we were able to roast some marshmallows! I love the smell of camp fire and the sound of leaves crunching…

Which means, it is that time of year again… football season, aka fall. When I told the girls last night that our first home game was this weekend, Pig Will’s eyes got huge and she said, “That means it is fall!”

playing on the football field...

playing on the football field...


One response

  1. These are such beautiful photos you’ve been posting. Love that it is fall!

    September 8, 2009 at 3:49 pm

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