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Lessons from a 7 year old

After I picked my kids up from school yesterday, we drove straight to look for new school shoes. Yes, I am a slacker. As usual, I asked the girls how their day was and what was the most exciting part. The Kindergartner replies immediately with a list of things. I tell the girls that I am so proud of them because they are such big girls… but that I also miss them so much while they are gone. I let out a little “wah” right after. Pig Will replies… “uh mom, don’t wah us… we are right here. You can wah when we are at school.” Wow, so true. In other words, enjoy the time you have with your kids when you are with them. Don’t dwell on the fact that they are gone all day while you are with them. Miss them when they are gone, kiss them when their not. Such wonderful insight from a seven year old.

The shoe shopping was unsuccessful. I mean, $55 dollars for a good pair of school shoes… really? I don’t even spend that much on MY shoes. Okay, well, yes I do… but they will last me. Kids shoes last maybe one year before their feet grow again. So, we will try another place today… otherwise I will resort to ordering them online. I found Stride rite shoes on sale @ shoes.com. A whopping 12% off. Thanks shoes.com.

In other news, tomorrow is the big day! I am getting processed for substituting. Hopefully the day is not too painful. They make you watch “the movie” on appropriate things to say said and do and what not to do. It’s from the 70’s and I’ve already seen it 3 times. I wish you could test out of it.

So, I’m off to clean the house from top to bottom… since I had the last two days of absolutely nothing bliss…

so, what's the secret?

so, what's the secret?


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