Ramblings from my life…

Sometimes life just happens…

So, I am done with the alphabet posts. It was mentally draining to try and come up with topics for V-Z.

This week was our first week back to school. My second grader went in with a roar and even had homework on day two. They don’t waste anytime in second grade! As far as my other child, she met her Kindergarten teacher on Tuesday and does a staggered entrance. A third of the class went in yesterday, a third are there today and my little girl will go tomorrow for the final third of the class. Then on Monday, the whole class will attend and start a normal routine. She is pretty excited, but I have to say that my emotions have been on fire since Monday.

It has been a yearly debate on whether to let the girls ride the bus. So far, they have only been on a bus for field trips. Yes, I am “one of those” moms. The overprotective, worst case scenario mom. Depending on how my substitute schedule looks, as in… if I am working everyday – or close to every day, then I will still be driving them. However, if it seems that it is easier, I *might* let them start riding the bus. They are the first pick up and the first drop off on the route and I timed the bus today… it entered the neighborhood as I was leaving and by the time I was back at home, it was leaving the neighborhood to head to school. So, not a long ride for the kids at all. We shall see.


In other news, I had a successful Tapas party last weekend. I forgot to make and set out one of the dishes, but thankfully a friend brought a tapas plate to share. I made fried wonton chips with an asiago cream sauce for dipping and a tray of goodies for the top of the “nachos”. It was basically the Mac Grill recipe of their famous Bella Napoli that they don’t serve anymore. I also had two kinds of salmon, some angry shrimp and cheeses out. A very fun time!

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