Ramblings from my life…

U is for Um…

The past week really hasn’t been all that busy. I, however, have been stumped on the letter U which caused writers block. This week will be filled with tasks, as the children go back to school the following week. My how fast the summer flew by…

I have scheduled eye appointments for Tuesday and Thursday is the “meet the teacher” afternoon at school. On Wednesday, I am going in to get finger printed so that I can substitute in our county. I thought it odd that I had to redo this since I subbed in the same county 12 years ago. I mean, my finger prints don’t change.

We just got home from a long weekend at my in-laws house. Both my husbands brothers and families were there along with his sister. It was a full house and a time of fun activities. My sister-in-law has transferred colleges to be closer to home and we went to visit her new apartment and went swimming in her complex pool. They also took us to see a show at the Planetarium which was all about the Magic Tree House series of books. The kids in the books go on adventures all over the world, planet, etc… in this magic tree house. When we arrived home today, the girls teacher assignments were waiting in the mail! They are both really happy with who their new teachers are… in fact, my 2nd grader will have the same teacher that she had for Kindergarten. She had moved up to 2nd grade last year, so we knew there was a possibility. How cool!

In other news, my iPhoto has decided to stop downloading pictures from my camera and just recently deleted ALL of the pictures in the library. Fortunately, I had them all backed up on our external hard drive. Even stranger though is that they all still appear on my Mac hard drive too… just not in the iPhoto application. Hmmm… so, no new photos for now. Any experts out there?


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