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S is for Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

A few nights ago we all sat down and watched Mary Poppins. I remember it as one of my favorites from childhood. I don’t think I’ve seen the movie in almost 20 years, but the scenes and songs came flooding back. The really sad part of the story, which I never once noticed as a kid (thank goodness!), is that the mom and dad don’t take care of their kids… at all. The nanny does everything, even tucking them in at night. The dad just waves them off at bedtime and the mom is always running off to her women’s rights events. Granted, Mary Poppins teaches the family a lesson in the end and they all go fly a kite together… but no doubt they still hire another nanny to watch the kids during the day. I don’t know, it really rubbed me the wrong way. Some things just need to stay in our childhood.

On the funny side, while in the car yesterday the girls had one of their many conversations about heaven…

“Mommy, can God see us?” Yes honey. “Can He see what I’m doing right now?” Yes honey. “Are there clouds in heaven?” Maybe. I think heaven might look a lot like earth. “Yeah, because you know the song, ‘ooo heaven is a place on earth!’ ” um no. Not what I said… but oh, so cute!

I’m trying to get the girls to pray and think on their own. Since they were babies we have said the same “now I lay me down to sleep” prayer. It really felt like the routine was beginning to be just that… a routine. I wanted them to start praying from the heart more, so they quietly said what is on their hearts. Here was Pig Me Too’s precious prayer from last night. “Dear God, thank you for mommy and thank you for daddy. Thank you for the birds chirping and the pretty flowers. Thank you for our house. Please protect me. Amen” ~Words from a 5 year old!

In other ramblings… swim lessons are going great. Pig Will is a natural like she is at every sport. Her form is right on… now, if she would only breath when she turned her head. Poor girl. The teacher has them in the 5 feet, so she treads water to take a breath and then keeps swimming until she reaches her teacher. Since she was trying to breath right, she turns her head – doesn’t get a breath… and then keeps going. Then she is out of breath when she reaches the wall. I’m proud of her… but she is nervous. She told me last night that her heart beats really hard and loud while she is swimming. I told her that was a good thing… that meant that she was aware of her situation and her surroundings. (In other words, she can’t reach and could sink!)

3 responses

  1. Sweet stories about the kids. As for Mary Poppins, I think the idea is she flies in to the family like some unidentifiable force and changes every previous idea they had about raising kids, bucking authority, etc. Then she leaves as quickly as she came to go take care of another family.

    August 4, 2009 at 9:49 am

  2. Teresa

    In Mary Poppins the parents really grate on my nerves. I tend to skip the first part of the movie, starting it where the kids are looking at the nannies lined up. The way the husband treats his wife annoys me as well as the way she acts towards him. I agree they treat the kids horribly. It does have some cute scenes. And who can resist Dick Van Dyke. And I love the Lets Go Fly a Kite song.

    Glad swim lessons are going well.

    August 4, 2009 at 3:24 pm

  3. Pig Me Too’s prayer was just precious. Out of the mouth’s of babes we are all reminded about what is really important in life and how God takes care of us.
    I agree with you that memorized prayers sometimes become almost rote. I think it’s important to have conversations with God – not just mouthing prayers that we have been saying so long we don’t even know what the words mean anymore.
    You are doing such a wonderful job as a mother. You should be really proud!

    August 22, 2009 at 8:16 am

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