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R is for Ridiculous

Absolutely ridiculous. Don’t upset the hormonal mom.

Today at swim lessons the girls did great. Pig Will actually jumped in and then swam to the teacher about 20 feet away. She had to stop for air and since she can’t touch where the lessons are, she had to tread water and take another breath to keep going. Pig Me Too jumped in all by herself, which is a huge step (or leap, ha ha ha).

So, what is ridiculous? There was only one life guard on duty the entire time we were there. He was all the way down in the deep end. Sure there were instructors in the pool with their students… but is one really going to let go of their student and let them sink so that they can go resue someone else? Nope. Is the one life guard who is staring at his feet and looking up at the ceiling going to be able to jump in and swim down to the shallow end or run around and jump in before someone drowns? Nope. Is a mom on the side going to have to jump in and pull the kid up? Yep. That is what they rely on. This happened to us two years ago at this exact pool. By the time a life guard would have reached my child, she might have drank so much water that she could quite possibly be unresponsive or worse. I usually have on my bathing suit and usually get in, but on this day I had jeans on. Did I get in and rescue my child, you bet. Since that day, I am always fully prepared to jump in – bathing suit or not, and I usually get in and stand there in the pool.

Back to today. After two hours of only one life guard, I had enough. When we left I asked to speak to the manager on duty. I very nicely said that it was absolutely ridiculous that there was only one life guard on duty, that he was at the deep end (not in the middle) and that he was bored and not even looking at the people in the pool. The man was very apologetic and looked embarrassed. I texted my friend that was still at the pool to tell her that I talked to the manager and she texted back saying that there was now two life guards on duty!

It pays to be a proactive, hormonal mom.

So now I leave you with some pictures of the girls swimming:

Pig Will, age 7

Pig Will, age 7

Pig Me Too, age 5

Pig Me Too, age 5

during lessons

during lessons

scooping "ice cream"

scooping "ice cream"


One response

  1. Way to go! All it would take is one terrible accident and the place would have to shut down. You did everyone there a great service. I always wear my swimsuit also, even if it’s a shallow pool. That said, I’ve been in twice in my clothes, so that wouldn’t stop me from getting a kid in need.

    July 30, 2009 at 4:37 pm

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