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M is for Movie night!

Our family started a Friday night tradition of board games, popcorn and a movie. We try and do it every Friday night. Sometimes if the board game last too long – we have to skip the movie part.

One of my fondest memories from my childhood is playing board games. I can remember so much laughter and fun times. I think one of our favorites was playing Monopoly. After an hour or so, everyone would be tired of playing and that is when the negotiations began. “I’ll sell you park place for $200.” I was always trying to end with the most money, not the most property.

Trying to teach the girls the concept of some games is hard. We have the junior version to a few games – but they are almost too easy… and mind numbing for the adults! So, we’ve decided to stick with the adult version of Monopoly (I mean, landing on Ursula in princess monopoly can cause tears… so, why suffer?). We have to help them with money – and trying to explain mortgages is hard – so we cut some corners… but it is still more fun than not playing. Both girls have become extremely good at Clue junior. They both have grasped the concept and can solve the mystery. I will say that we had to alter one part of the game – and that is that you can pick up any person when you land on a white square. Otherwise, the game can last too long. I think they might be ready for the adult version soon.

We were out shopping for a birthday present for a friend of one of the girls and I let them pick out a new board game. They picked up Sorry. It is a pretty easy and self explanatory game. I was surprised to find it unwrapped, open and the girls in the middle of a game after I came back upstairs from loading laundry!! They were even playing it right and Pig Will was reading the directions to Pig Me Too. (Hm, it seems this post is more about games than movies… oops!)

As far as movie night goes – we usually want the girls to pick something that mom and dad will like too. I was a little hesitant about letting them watch movies that had a ton of action (ie: guns, swords) – but husband assured me that since they were rated PG or PG-13 and had no foul language, that they were okay. I still had to wonder if they were going to cause nightmares. (I have now realized that they learn way more “bad” things from friends at school than from the movies we watch.) So, we will watch anything from Dora, Barbie and similar, to Narnia. That is really the most intense movie that they have watched. I mean, it is a story about kids… and their imagination. They both can grasp the concept that sometimes things in movies or books are only pretend and they don’t happen in real life. We have also explained to them the correlation of Aslan to Jesus. (He died to save them, came back to life… etc).

Recently I have been renting movies from the library for movie night. I decided to pick out classics that I loved as a kid. The girls loved 101 dalmatians and Pollyanna… I think next on the list is Chitty Chitty bang bang… even husband has never seen this one! Oh boy, is he in for a treat! (A toot sweet treat!)


3 responses

  1. Move over Movie watcher

    Heart warming to hear of family time, well done!

    July 20, 2009 at 4:54 pm

  2. I don’t recommend “The Black Cauldron,” Disney’s most psychedelic film, but look into “The Gnome Mobile.” It is one of my absolute favorites.

    July 21, 2009 at 2:00 am

  3. I love chitty Chitty Bang Bang! We get that one at our library. There is one scary guy in it but overall it’s great. The Sound of Music is another favorite!

    July 25, 2009 at 9:54 pm

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