Ramblings from my life…

H is for… well, lots of things

I don’t own a horse and we are pretty much at a standstill with house renovations… so, what else is there?

Today the girls and I attended a wedding. It was actually Pig Will’s 1st grade teachers wedding. She sent out a really cute invitation to her class that rhymed and asked for a class photo immediately following the wedding. (The location of the reception was not disclosed, ha!) All of the kids sat quietly and were pretty patient waiting for the ceremony to end.

With the season comes many weddings. Last night I went to a Bachelorette party downtown which ended with some dancing! I know, I can’t believe that I was invited to hang out with cute, young singles! Okay, so there were two other marrieds there too… but I was still honored to be there. We made a pit stop into the “White House/Black Market” shop and she picked out a dress for her going away dress. When I was explaining the story to the girls today, they didn’t say much. However, after the teachers wedding today, Pig Me Too exclaims, “Mommy, when is she going to change into her after wedding dress?” It was cute – and great that she was listening to me.

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