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Fun with food

I hate grocery shopping. There is nothing fun about it. It takes me over an hour because I am either searching for the best deals, trying to find the items that I have coupons for… or realizing that yet again, I  should have bit the bullet and gone to the nicer grocery store because this one doesn’t always have the good stuff.

So, I put off grocery shopping for another day which forces me to get creative at dinner time. After too many fruit, cheese, yogurt, salad dinners – it’s time to look in the freezer. I had two tilipia filets. Instantly my 7 year old exclaims, fish tacos! Perfect, except for the fact they were really small filets and we’d be lucky if we each got a taco. I look in the fridge, “what else needs to be used?” Bacon. There sit 4 pieces of bacon waiting to be fried. I’m thinking that I’ll probably add some of the beef from last night to the mix, somehow… but grab the rest of the salad that I had mixed the night before. I floured the fish and stuck it in a pan of olive oil. Once both sides were brown, I made some really crispy bacon. Then, I look over at the unfinished snack on the counter. Apples… sauteing in bacon fat… hm… I throw them in and set the pan in the oven for 10 mins. Amazingly, it was pretty good. I guess anything is good with bacon.

In other news, once again… the tooth fairy had to be creative. What is it about this lady? She just can’t seem to get her act together. Here we are on tooth number 7 and we are still forgetting. Husband called me a few minutes after he left for work this morning to remind me. Nice. I have NO cash. I look in his dresser and fish out a 5 Euro. Yep. I ran upstairs and gently made the exchange (tooth for money) and tiptoed back out. A bit later a happy faced kid appears at my side. “Look mom! Italy money! When I build a house for daddy, I can use this to buy a hat to wear for safety!” Um, okay kid. She wants to be an architect when she grows up.

And in even more news, I have finally utilized the library to its full potential. I enrolled the girls in the summer reading program, which only makes them read one book a week… but I told them that it was one or two a day. Then they get a stamp in their booklet each week for 5 weeks and at the end get some sort of prize. Hopefully it is good. (ha!) We are also renting movies which are due every 3 days, so it gets us back in the library. Yesterday the girls and I attended a children’s comedian/musician act. Amazing that this guy actually does this for a living… but he was pretty funny.


One response

  1. magic at the library

    Have you girl run to the bank, exchange rate never better, or you could just give her a twenty. 🙂 more fish taco’s please!

    June 23, 2009 at 11:16 am

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