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I have great memories of visiting with my cousins, growing up. We had games that we’d play each time we got together at Gran’s house. There was going on adventure hikes in her woods, playing in her secret room – which had a door to the outside… but the inside door was part of the dining room wall that could only be found if you moved the dining chair out of the way and looked for the seem in the wallpaper. Maybe it was more obvious than to a young mind? But never-the-less, it was our secret getaway.

This weekend we traveled down to my in-law’s house. On my husbands side, only his older brother had 3 kids – but 4 weeks ago his other brother started a family too. I have a new precious little niece. She does some very similar facial expressions that my first child did and many a newborn memory seeped back in. The cousins had a fun time, as usual, playing outside and in the mass of toys from husband and his siblings childhood. Mimi (their grandmother and my mother-in-law) made a fun seek and find treasure hunt for the kids. They would read a clue and find a gift and another clue. The presents were outdoor related – there were water guns, a sprinkler, mini Frisbee’s and huge bouncing balls. They stayed up late every night and ate lots of yummy treats. On Sunday afternoon, we went to a huge strawberry picking farm. There were so many big red, ripe berries that it didn’t take us long to fill four large baskets.

But here we are, back to the grind this morning. Today marks 12 days left of school. I cannot believe another school year is over. Why do they keep going so fast? Wasn’t I just here saying the SAME thing about Kindergarten?

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  1. strawberry pie sounds good

    good to have all your family so close, sounds like so much fun.

    May 27, 2009 at 6:53 am

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