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The joy of having girls…

Don’t laugh. I know all the words to the Hoedown Throwdown. What’s that you say? If you have girls ages 5 to 14 you know. I wasn’t forced to listen over and over again to the new Hannah Montana songs – although they have been played quite a bit here. I love to sing and dance with my kids, so I printed out the words to the hipest song for pre-tweens. Now I know them all and they will probably never leave my head. In fact, I was just singing while getting ready this morning, and my girls were no where around. Hm. Nice.

Next on the list, dance moves. I’m not kidding either. We already viewed them a few times – but either I’m getting too old, or moves are more complicated these days. I can remember going to dance class and learning a routine pretty quick… and even choreographed moves for an entire play. So, what it is about my memory or skills that I can’t do a simple Hoedown?

In other news, we might finally be steering away from baby talk. My five year old has been doing it on and off for 2 years. It’s not just her voice that changes  – she puts on a face to go with it, scrunches her lips and talks in choppy sentences. She is very capable of talking in a full sentence and using a five year old voice. So, we started a chart. Each time she gets five stickers in a row, she gets a prize. She picked a piece of chocolate. Thank goodness I did not suggest that she would get to go buy something.


One response

  1. you are never too old

    Get that body movin, I know you have those moves in you, look forward to hearin about your sucess! 🙂

    May 6, 2009 at 6:35 pm

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