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Luau Eve

It is now the time known as Luau Eve. The night before the big Luau. Tomorrow we will embark on a new adventure. A 7 year old’s birthday party WITH siblings and adults. What was I thinking? I have just finished downloading the Luau party music onto my iPod and husband is out mowing the lawn. Next the tiki torches will go up and we will put out the tables and chairs.

Today my mentor friend came over. She is such a wonderful woman. We get together on Friday’s to do a Bible study together. Today she just came over to help and to bring me back my sanity! While I cleaned and organized, she baked cupcakes and blew up beach balls and the palm tree cooler. (She told me that she is full of hot air!) Since we were running out of time and I only have one muffin tin, she put the other 12 cupcakes in cups on a baking sheet. They sort of spread and melted into each other. So, this afternoon the girls and I made the 12 into a cupcake cake and put the other 12 around it.

img_0730 That was the best I could do with the colors that we had. I wish the flowers were more Lei – ish, but ah well. I also ordered a Aloha cake that I will pick up tomorrow morning. Should be exciting… more to come!


One response

  1. hula dancer

    Hips are warming up, ready for the feast, lets get busy!! šŸ™‚

    April 18, 2009 at 10:57 am

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