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Dear Easter Bunny,

We are often… okay, we are usually renovating/fixing something in the house. We had one of those glade plug-ins set up on the window ledge (whomever put it there… is still in question) and it leaked causing the paint to peel. For those of you who know my husband, he is “Mr. Clean, Mr. Right Angles” aka Type A personality. So, he chipped up all the paint on the entire window sill ledge (which is pretty long), primed and painted 3 coats. Since there was still a mess in the living room on the Eve of Easter, the girls got a bit worried about where to put their empty Easter baskets.

I told Pig Will to write a letter to the Easter Bunny explaining that the baskets were in the kitchen. Here is her letter:

“Dear Easter Bunny, We are leving the Baskets in the ketchon. Fill the eggs please and if you want to you can put some of yor own in the Baskets. Leve the Baskets on the fire plas. Thank you!”

I about died laughing when I read the cute little part about leaving your own, if you want. So, the Easter Bunny – or EB, left a little note of his own along with the filled Easter baskets. It explained that he left the chocolate and candy in their baskets and had hidden eggs in the playroom to celebrate that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Today Pig Will explained to me that the Easter Bunny is really a guy dressed up in a bunny costume, because bunnies are not tall enough to reach kitchen counters AND bunnies cannot go buy or make chocolate. The EB is also watching us at all times to make sure we are worthy of chocolate. Nice.



One response

  1. wanttobe

    did I leave my basket? and if so where can I pick up?

    April 13, 2009 at 11:08 pm

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