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Life with dog hair…

No, those are not cobwebs in every corner of every room. No, I do not own a small pet that likes to hide. That is called Golden Puff. It comes with the dog.

I literally could vacuum 3 or 4 times a day and probably not get all of the dog hair. I take the hose piece out and watch it swallow each golden puff from the corners… oh, who am I kidding? from every inch of the floor. The area rug is covered… so much so that we actually went out and replaced the pretty maroon rug with a brown and golden rug in hopes of vacuuming less. But I know it is there, so I vacuum anyway.

They always say (who is they anyway?)… if you own a dog, expect to cook with atleast a tablespoon of hair a day. I use more like a cup a day – good protein. I’m serious, I can’t eat a meal without glancing down and seeing a strain of golden puff. But ah, I love my Golden. The way he pins his ears back to his head and does a soft whine when I enter the house. The way he gently noses my hand to pet his head… and if I stop, he noses me some more. The way I can walk into a room, say his name and he instantly rolls onto his back for a belly rub. How he waits to get up from the couch in the morning until he knows I will open the door for him to go outside.

Really, here is the every morning routine in our house. Husband wakes up, showers and goes into the kitchen for breakfast. I get up to start making his lunch for work. While husband pours cereal, Rusty (the dog), gets about 4 pieces of shredded wheat. When husband sits down to eat, dog goes back to the couch. I say goodbye to husband. Note, I do open the door to let him out… no dog. I start my morning routine. Kids get up, I then open door for lazy dog who sometimes waits until I call him to get up.

In other news… our kids finally have bikes. The grandparents bought Pig Will a bike for her birthday next week, so I bought Pig Me Too one as a little sister gift. My dad and I went shopping for them today and watched the girls ride around the store for an hour to decide which bikes fit them best. Then when husband got home tonight, he put them together and let them ride around the driveway for a bit. Maybe those training wheels will be off by summer!


2 responses

  1. The Bike Whisperer

    Maybe if you got Rusty a bike too, the golden puff would blow away?

    April 11, 2009 at 11:08 am

  2. Cocker Puff is just as bad. 🙂 But it’s worth it isn’t it!

    April 11, 2009 at 11:55 pm

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