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The Autobahn

First, I must start off by saying something very important and completely unrelated to the Autobahn and Germany. Please, please, please parents – use your parental controls on your televison! Five year olds can find their way to and BUY things that were not intented to be bought. Thank goodness my dear child ran immediately upstairs to inform me that there was something terribly rude on TV. Enough said.

Now, on to a happier and more fun note…

If you’ve ever been on the Autobahn (the European term for highway), you will know that there isn’t always a speed limit. Some areas do enforce a speed, while others do only in bad weather. Therefore, you have people going anything from about 65 mph to 130 (maybe more?) mph. We however, due to factory limitations on a new engine, could only go 100 mph. Oddly enough, this didn’t feel too fast except when we’d go around a curve or come up behind a slow poke. Mostly we had people coming up on our tail and almost pushing us out of the way. THAT was the scary part.

So, what does 100 mph look like? 100 mph!… pretty cool, huh? And yes, I leaned the camera over, husband did not take the picture – although he wanted to.

We headed to Salzburg, Austria on Sunday and the entire town was closed. There wasn’t much to do in the snow, so husband decided to climb a really big metal world to get a better view of town: man on the world, in Salzburg… okay, so that isn’t him… but if you look really close, you can see a train track on the right that goes straight up to the top!

We then headed back to Munich for a night on the town. We were a bit tired of German fare at this point… so, we wandered into a local Mexcian place. There was loud music and flashing lights. The music was all in Spanish and a big screen played nice video to go with it.

The next day, we got back on the Autobahn and headed to Neuschwanstein Castle, Ludwig II’s castle. The little town of Hohenschwangau sits below and it is a 40 minute walk up to the castle. In better weather, there are buses that will take you up. img_0341img_0324

More to come…


2 responses

  1. Wish I was with you!

    The need for speed, ohh what would it have been like without those “factory” limitations? So Mom and Dad just how fast did you drive? asked PMT Glad I don’t do that

    February 24, 2009 at 9:48 pm

  2. Mike

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