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The Welt

We got back on Wednesday from our world wind trip to Germany. I will blog in several parts, so be patient!

Our flight took off around 5 pm last Friday and we arrived at 7 am Germany time on Saturday. We went straight to the BMW Welt, which translates to world, and were escorted through a customized process. It was an amazing day.

First we checked in and went over the details. We were issued access cards with our names printed on them that gave us access to areas of the Welt that regular visitors could not go to. We could hang out in the lounge area and drink Cappuccino’s or eat croissants…

or walk around the Welt…
img_0129img_0150 or visit the BMW museum… img_0180

Not only this, but if you had brought children with you (which we did not), there were hang out areas for them too… a small lounge and a drop off for them to make and customize their own little Beemer. img_01241

After relaxing and soaking in the sites a bit, we were taken on the tour and introduction of our car. There was a big flat screen with our exact car (down to the detail) on it and a Welcome (insert name) on it. Then husband got to “test drive” the car on a simulator. You could feel the tension and brakes, learn about functions and have a bit of fun. img_0131 img_0134

Next was the presentation of the car. We descended down the stairs and paused to watch our car rotate around for us. Then we continued down and were presented with extra gifts (a key chain made out of the car metal and initialed, some car wax and a first aid kit) and the car. They went through some details and functions with us and then we were off! Ready to brave the snowy outdoors… img_0139img_0145… which we drove around the Welt and into the snow and into valet parking for the rest of the day. We then toured the museum, drank more cappuccino and finally drove the car to our hotel.

Stay tuned for part two… the Autobahn!


2 responses

  1. LOVE the new look! I still haven’t fixed mine to my liking…maybe tomorrow!

    February 22, 2009 at 10:09 pm

  2. Good to have you back

    Just how much fun can two people have? you both look so good, so the autobahn calls, high speed? fast turns? look forward to hearing.

    February 24, 2009 at 11:43 am

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