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Pretty in Pink

If you have never seen a girlie girl, aka pretty pink princess girl, then come to my house. My 5 year old, that I lovingly call Pig Me Too, absolutely loves, loves, loves… did I mention loves? to dress up and “DO” her makeup. In fact, most mornings, she must join me to apply her pretend makeup as I do mine. She even blow-dries her hair with the battery operated pink plastic dryer (that just HAS to have batteries!) while I blow-dry mine. She mimics my every move. In fact, she was so distraught that her makeup case did not come with a few items that I use, that I had to improvise on things that I no longer use as “play” makeup. Of course now she wants to put on the sparkly lip gloss every 5 minutes. Her reply? But mommy, my LIPS are DRY every 5 mins! (her words, not mine)

Now, how the 6 year old (who I lovingly refer to as Pig Will) is the completely opposite, I’ll never know. She does not get down and girly and sometimes even will scoff at little sis and me. Imagine! However, she does like pink and purple and likes to wear dresses… with tennis shoes of course!

We have officially started date night with our girls. This will be that husband gets one daughter and I get the other and we take them on dates. Date number one with Pig Will was in our basement. We did “get to know you questions”, which she was shyly smiling at the entire time. After I asked her each question, I would in turn answer the same question. Then I gave her a chance to ask me some questions. It was a good time. The next day, Pig Me Too was so jealous that we had a mini-date when we were in the car line waiting to pick up PW from school. (Usually I read while she colors, looks at books or watches a movie.) She had the biggest grin on her face the entire time – and when it was her turn to ask questions, she did not shy away… she had about 8 questions for me! (PW had only had 2 for me the night before.) It is fun to watch their little minds work. I can’t wait for the first dinner or dessert date that we have. I’m looking into doing a sort of Bible study with them. I bought the “8 great dates” book… but it is for ages 8 and up and I had a hard time trying to adapt it for a 6 year old… much less younger. We shall see!


One response

  1. Aunt Syl

    What a GREAT idea! You constantly amaze me. Can’t wait to read about the next adventure.
    I love you,
    Aunt Syl

    February 10, 2009 at 12:47 am

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