Ramblings from my life…

The week in review…

What a week for it to snow! The public schools had a 2 hour early dismissal on Monday and off on Tuesday and Wednesday. The snow came on Tuesday morning early but school was not canceled… it was a teacher in service day anyway. Tuesday night the rain and sleet started, Wednesday school was canceled… they had off anyway, but the teachers in service was canceled which meant no school Thursday for teacher in service day. The kids finally went to school today only for Pig Will to be sent home at 2 pm with a fever. Oy!

Rusty, our faithful one eyed Golden, had his sutures removed today and is pretty chipper. His Histopathology report came back saying his eye had a malignant tumor. Hopefully they retrieved all of the cancer and none got into his blood stream. Since we caught it early, (I’m assuming early since his eye turned read, then glaucoma, then eye removal… all within a months time.) maybe it didn’t have time to metastasize.

Tuesday, Pig Will had another cavity crowned and Wednesday was spent at my sister’s house. We were going to spend the day out at a museum… but my poor little 7 month old nephew has RSV, so we had to stay put. I tell ya, the little guy is a trooper! He is on a nebulizer and does it like a champ!

Today is my Grandparents 63rd wedding Anniversary! When I called, my grandfather answered the phone. I told him that it was amazing that they’ve been married that long and he replied with, “I know! I’m not sure I even know that many people that are 63 years old… and here I am married that long.” He told me how they went on an adventure today. Gran was driving and missed the turn for where they were going to eat and ended up driving a great distance out of the way! (He said 100 miles… but I’m not sure) (!!) They told me how they spent the rest of the day discussing funny memories. Wow, I hope I get to experience that 55 years from now!

So, I have nothing on my agenda for next week, but I’m sure that will change come Monday…


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