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The thing that is Technology

Ah Technology. I am constantly amazed by new technologies. We received a nice gift card for Christmas to Target and I broke down and bought the girls the Nintendo DS. Their cousin has one and they became hooked while playing with her during Thanksgiving break. I hadn’t realized how cool these things really were. I knew they could buy games, both educational and for fun… and I knew they could get online and play with other DSers… but I had no idea that the machines could “talk” to each other. Somehow, not through the Internet either, the DSes can IM with up to 16 other DSes in range. So, the girls are looking forward to seeing their cousin soon so that they can chat with her.

Truth be told, however, it all comes back to imaginative play. At first I was worried that they would get sucked in and not want to quit playing the games. I even went as far as to set a timer. They gained minutes by reading books, doing homework and cleaning up their rooms. Then they used their points. The first few times they wanted to play longer… but yesterday they closed their games before time was up and asked to play a board game with me. This morning while I was getting ready, they both closed them and started playing Polly Pockets. I’m glad to see that imaginative play wins out.

In other news, I have my first age spot. I’m not kidding. This, in a way, is almost worse than a gray hair. You can pluck or stain your hair… an age spot is hard to cover. I don’t think I’ll ever get gray or white hair. My mom is over 60 and doesn’t have any (noticeably) gray’s. I think it is our hair color that hides them. I know, I know, aging is inevitable. I didn’t think I’d get an age spot before age 40 though. So, I did what any girl would do… I went out and found a product that will “heal” or “reverse” if you will, the aging process. It is supposed to blend dark spots. I think it is working on my scars… but not on the age spot. C’est la vie…


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  1. I worry about the tech time vs imaginitive play time also. But in the end, just like sweets or any other “treat”, I think it’s important to teach them how to moderate their time. We’ve had lots of good discussions on why I limit tv/tech time.

    January 13, 2009 at 9:48 pm

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