Ramblings from my life…

Happy New Year!

The new year has started off quite adventurous. As promised, we took the girls ice skating today. They both were a bit more confident than before, but Pig Me Too insisted on using the bar because she could go faster. By the end of two hours, both girls were skating alone. Sometime around the beginning of hour two, I was pushing PMT and the bar as fast as we could go… around and around until out of no where, the ice hit me in the face. My entire back popped in the wrong direction and my 5 year old dragged me another foot with the bar. Oh how I wanted to just lay there on the ice. However, husband pulled me up and I skated for another hour through the pain. Oh, the pain… I just took a Vicoden… so, I should be feeling better soon.

In other news, Rusty, our faithful Golden Retriever, is doing better. He went back for another check up and his eye looks better. She said that he has lost most of his vision in that eye, but that he is not in pain. She said that it is probably not a tumor, or his eye would be worse. We are keeping him on his many medicines and eye drops and she added another drop to the mix. He is such a loyal and sweet dog. I think he actually likes the eye drops now (more attention?) because he will sit down perfectly and wait for the drops.


I have not kept up with my cooking blog, but I am constantly trying new recipes. A few nights ago I tried a salmon dish with mint pea puree. It was very mild, but very flavorful. Last night I made a chuck roast with a tomato garlic puree sauce. For a side I made roasted potatoes and zucchini. We had friends in town, so they were my guinea pigs… I didn’t see any signs of yickyness… so, I think it tasted okay.

The roast before I pureed the tomatoesSalmon

There is not much else to report here. Pig Will goes back to the dentist next week to get the rest of her cavities filled. Both girls will go back to school and maybe I will actually get back into a routine. I had let running go for about a month and when I got back from a jog the other day, boy were my muscles upset! I have also let the laundry pile up over the holiday… so the girls wore dirty clothes today. Not that they needed to look (or smell) good for ice skating… but…



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