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The meaning of being Five

December 5th, 2003… seems like just a year or so ago that you were born, but here you are a big Five year old. My youngest. Sigh…

Last week we traveled to my in-laws new home. They moved recently, so it was a fun experience for everyone. The weather was beautiful and the house came complete with a swingset in the backyard. Good times and Turkey were had by all. Husband even carved a Turkey into a pumpkin while the children played with the guts.


At the end of the week, Mimi threw Pig Me Too a Suprise party. There were presents, a piñata and a yummy cake made by Aunt C. Since she loves to dress up, her new Fancy Nancy outfit is getting quite the workout.

Fancy Nancy

Pig Me Too’s little friends are coming over for a Tea Party. We will have a butterfly cake, “tea” (juice) and of course they will all be dressed up. Afterall, being dainty and fancy are all what being Five is about.


One response

  1. grammy

    Happy Birthday 2nd grandchild!!!! You are growing up to be such a beautiful young lady!!! Have a fun time at your tea party and we will celebrate at our house later when grampy is well. Love you, Grammy

    December 5, 2008 at 11:31 am

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