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Your vote does matter

I’m so tired of people telling me that their vote doesn’t matter. Their excuse is that our state is a certain party and they are the other party. So, even if they vote, our state will still win as the other party. Maybe so… but just imagine if my friend did vote and all the other people that are not voting voted. Our state could flip sides. You never know. Maybe our state is with that party because people from our party don’t vote. I obviously feel very strong about this. I don’t like to talk politics with friends because I don’t want to stir a riff in our friendship. However, I will tell you to vote – even if I know it is not for the person that I want in office. I think it is important to read up on ALL the issues at hand and choose a candidate that meets 89% of your needs. I know a few people that are voting for someone based on ONE topic. How insane is that? They are looking past other issues and basically “giving in” to them because they agree with one topic.

Okay, so my rant is over.

After I go vote today, the girls and I are going to head to Barnes and Nobel. I need a new novel to read in the car line at school. I’ve been without a book for a week and I’m about to go stir crazy.

The book I just finished was called, “The Wednesday Letters” by Jason F. Wright. It is a story about a husband that writes letters to his wife every Wednesday throughout their marriage. After the couple dies, their children find the letters and discover several things about their past and their own lives that they didn’t know. It is a great story about reconnecting, love and forgiveness.

After that we are going to go shopping for items to fill Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Each year our church and MOPS group fill up boxes to send. I think it is a great lesson for the kids to teach them why we fill the boxes and where they are going. Each year before Christmas, I also make the girls pick out three of their toys that are still in good condition to give to Good Will. They love to discuss why they picked out a certain toy and then they imagine who it will go to. Amazingly, they have never complained about giving up a toy. Hopefully this stays true.


3 responses

  1. tt

    I agree 100% with the fact that you should go and vote. I have often wondered if all those people who didn’t vote, did vote just what would happen.

    I do the Shoe Box thing too. Great lesson. Been a tradition that they look forward too. Now just when are we going to be able to go this year? Too much going on.

    November 4, 2008 at 11:22 am

  2. Your Biggest Fan

    You go get um girl. every vote does count, there are many other elections and issues on the ballot that can transend party politics. Thank you for the nudge. I voted!

    November 4, 2008 at 12:40 pm

  3. DVS

    I voted. My candidate didn’t win. I’m part of a 7 percent minority here in DC. But I voted. And I’m proud I did!

    November 11, 2008 at 4:49 pm

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