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How can my calendar have 4 or 5 things written on it everyday, yet I have nothing to talk about?

Tonight we helped serve dinner for the Boys and Girls club. Most of the kids were grateful and said “please” and “thank you”. One little boy to an instant liking to husband. He would tap his shoulder and then pretend he didn’t do it. When it was time to leave, he followed us out to our car and asked for a ride home – even though he lived two feet away. It is sad, really… he must lack a father figure. I hope the joy the boy felt tonight sticks with him for awhile. Hopefully it made a small difference that an older man paid attention to him.

In other news, the Elementary school is doing their annual Hunger drive. Instead of just telling the kids to bring in canned goods and whatnot, they have a theme for each day. Like yesterday was team sport day, wear your favorite team shirt and bring a soup can. Tomorrow is twin day, dress like your best friend and bring in a twin pack of canned meat. Fun times.

I leave you with this picture of my Grandmother. I am working on some things for her memorial service and scanned several old pictures. I love this look.


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  1. Your Biggest Fan

    I get such great joy from your writting, thank you!

    October 22, 2008 at 10:41 pm

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