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Fall cleaning…

I guess I somehow missed spring cleaning. The clutter has once again accumlated above breathing level. It is offically time to get rid of things that are no longer used. Each time I don’t know what to do with something, it either gets stuffed under a bed or next to a dresser. The office/guest room is usually the hang out spot for these said items. We lovingly refer to it as “The place were things go to die” (Read: It’s a… floor?)

I have managed to fill two large garbage bags of clothes to donate and two small bags of books. Pig Me Too was NOT happy to see the piles of books… but I told her that we had to make room for new big girl books and she seems to be okay now. It is hard to stay focused on one task for longer than 20 minutes. I would be organizing the clothes, find something to toss or send to good will and I’d see something in that room to pick up or clean. In fact… I was originally cleaning the girls rooms, organizing toys and such, when I went on a hunt for a lost Polly Pocket. I somehow ended up in the office and started pulling clothes out. Hm. Makes no sense now either.

I think I actually feel somewhat organized this school year. Not only do I have my desk calendar with events for the week listed… but I also have another weekly list that I write out with extras. Then I have a notebook with things that need to be done, important dates and phone numbers and other fun school related stuff. (Including envelopes, notes for lunches, stickers!, etc…)

My Bible reading challenge is going well, however I got a late start today. I took some cough meds last night (the night before was horrible… I have a residual cough from being sick last week.) and they seemed to really zonk me out. It is funny how some things are sticking out in my head and being applied later. Like I didn’t really think much about something and then last night on our walk – it completely hit me in a different way. I think my eyes are being opened. We’ll see… I’ll save this topic for another day when I have more insight.


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  1. Your Biggest Fan

    I need that organized person to come visit me. With all this new found early time, when can you come? Whats the rule on “things no longer used?”

    September 15, 2008 at 3:36 pm

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