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Transistion, part deux

Well, here we are. Day one as Civillians. Okay, technically husband is still in the Navy until November (we are double dipping!), but he is at his orientation for his new Government job. In fact, the phone just rang… he said all is going well and later this afternoon he will go to his actual building and meet with his new team! I have to say that hubs looked really slick in his suit this morning! What a strange difference from wearing the same uniforms everyday.

Not sure if I mentioned that Husbands car broke down and had to be sent to the dealer again. Our temporary solution is to borrow my moms car for the week. She was generous enough to stay jailed in her home all week so that he could get to his job and I could still take the kids to their weekly events. (Mom, you’re the bomb!)

In other news, Pig Me Too finally starts preschool tomorrow. She will be going 4 days a week instead of 2 and she will be a morning kid instead of the afternoon. So, big changes there too. I am meeting a friend for coffee as soon as I drop her off to celebrate freedom. Oh but the irony… I will miss not having a buddy to help me out around the house! I am planning on running each of those four mornings – at some point during my 2.5 hours free. (I figured that b/c of driving time.) So stay tuned… more transistion fun to come…


One response

  1. Your Biggest Fan

    Where is the picture of that man in the suit? Are you running for two and a half hours? Crazy!

    September 8, 2008 at 10:18 pm

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