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If life had a soundtrack…

I’ve always thought it would be interesting if real life had a soundtrack. I mean… could you imagine what that would mean? Next time danger was coming your way you ‘d hear “dun…dun, dun…dun” (from Jaws!). Or when the love of your life was coming through the front door, you’d hear a love song. Music is a big part of everyday life. The world thrives on music, without it, the day would be pretty mundane. It describes our emotions, it speaks for us. Every where you go, there is music playing. The grocery store, the mall, in your car, at home… even when you watch TV – the shows, movies and commercials all have music in the background.

My girls and I have always had music time every day of their life. Whether we are banging on instruments and marching around to kids tunes – or if we have the iPod blaring the latest hits while we sing along. I never realized how many lyrics my 4 year actually knows. As I was cleaning up the kitchen just now, she was setting up (yet another) game of memory for us to play while singing, “This is what it is, to be held… how it feels” (Natalie Grant). I am amazed how music moves her. She is always singing and with a great passion. (She also has a great voice!) Of course, every once in awhile she will get the lyrics wrong and the song has a whole new meaning… but it is too cute to correct her.

So… if your life had a soundtrack… what would it be, and why?


One response

  1. grammy

    She is just like you were. Always singing. Your sis use to say “Mommie, could you make her stop just for a bit?”
    happy child you were!!!!

    August 28, 2008 at 8:49 pm

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