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Let’s melt some chocolate!

I need an organizer for my organizer. Yesterday was the first day of first grade. Pig Will came home very excited and with a ton of paper work. I had forgotten just how much paper the school uses. I think three of them said the same thing worded differently. Maybe they should use really small print and squeeze it all on one sheet. Or they should require you to have an email address… I mean, come on… this IS 2008. Or better yet, have the school text message important notices… if the Presidential candidates can do it, so can we. Along with the paper work was several requests for money. Join the SGA, the PTA, the Booster club… oh and don’t forget the check for $3.50 so that all the kids will have the same composition book.

I absolutely hate asking people for money. That is basically what fundraisers are. Not only does the school hold several throughout the year but now we have one for Cheerleading. I might be buying a bunch of stuff this year…

Pig Will was so cute talking about her day. She was super excited about seeing all of her friends, playing at recess, picking where to sit at lunch and her new teacher. Then husband told her that he was going out of town and the flood waters came. He had already been gone the night before b/c of overnight duty and then he left last night for a few nights for a business meeting.

I don’t mind being a caring person… but I’m not sure why women have to be so emotional. Every part of my day affects my mood. I can be talking about something happy and start to cry. Or watching one of “those” commercials. So I can understand where my girls get their outrage of emotions.

In other news, the girls are playing kitchen yet again. Their favorite, to take turns who gets to be Rachel Ray and who gets to be Giada DeLaurentis. I don’t think the TV has been on in days. Which is fine by me… too many strange shows for kids. I can hear Pig Me Too saying, “okay Giada… now we need to chop this garlic and then put some goat cheese in.” Ha! What other four year old even knows what goat cheese is? Too funny. I wish I could play a tape of them right now. “Let’s take some of this yummy bread and slice it. Now place it in the oven to crisp it up. While that’s in there, let’s melt some chocolate” What a hoot

I’ll leave you with this touching video. Casting Crowns is my favorite band and they have this video up on their homepage. I just love their voices, their harmonies and the messages that they portray. It gives you something to think about… be careful little ears what you hear. (side note, yes PW is at school now… I forgot to hit publish earlier this morning!)

Slow Fade, by Casting Crowns


One response

  1. Aunt Syl

    That music video is striking. It would be wonderful if everyone listened to it. I now want to hear more from them.
    I thank God that your love and family are grounded in God’s word. Love, Aunt Syl

    August 27, 2008 at 12:08 am

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