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Did I breath today?

Life throws so many things your way. Every person has things they are going through, some that friends and family know about and some that they don’t. I’m reminded of an episode of Desperate Housewives where Lanette keeps the secret from her friends about having cancer. She puts on a happy smile, hangs out with her friends and then goes home to privacy to throw up. I’d say my family knows 98.5 % of everything in my life… but as for friends… maybe only about half. I guess this could be good or it could be bad… depending on the way you look at things. On the one hand, you don’t share everything with them because you don’t want them to judge you… and on the other hand some days you just wish you had someone to talk to about “things”. Things that even though your family knows, you can’t talk to them about… or that 1.5 % of things that they don’t know about. I will probably get 5 or 6 emails now from my family saying “you can talk to me” or “what it wrong? do you have cancer?”. No… my point of all this blabber is that everyone leads private lives. Everyone has something nagging at them that no one else in the entire world knows.

I guess my biggest struggle right now is how precious time is and fast it goes by. I used to think that time was endless and the world would go on forever. And time went by so slow when my husband was in Afghanistan. This past school year and even the summer flew by. I feel like the days are so long and I can’t always find enough things for the kids and I to do… and then we are putting them in bed at night and I linger next to their faces and kiss them a thousand times because another precious day with them has gone. I am scared that I will wake up one morning with high schoolers and wonder where the days/years went.

As slow as the days go, there are days when we are always on the move. I look at my calendar and there is something listed for almost every day. MOPS meetings, Cheerleading practice, birthday parties, football games, play dates, get the dog cleaned, laundry, endless laundry, did I mention laundry? plan dinner, make dinner, haircut… Did I manage to schedule time to breath? Maybe I should mark 2:15 pm down for that. It seems to be clear for now…

I love life. I love my family. I love my friends. I love my house, my dog and the area where we live. I wasn’t trying to complain. I just really need 1st grade to go by super slow.

ps- If you haven’t already noticed, there is another review up for the movie Hopla! which is manufactured and distributed by NCircle Entertainment.

2 responses

  1. My friend is going through this in her life. I think my angels helped you post this song!

    August 27, 2008 at 2:56 pm

  2. airdalewife

    I completely agree.

    September 2, 2008 at 4:38 pm

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