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The corn days of summer…

My husband always says, “you know the summer is almost over when the corn stalks are taller than you are.” This is how he always timed his summertime growing up, and how I now time the girls summers. Today we received Pig Will’s assignment for her 1st grade teacher. I looked her up in last years year book to let PW see her. She was thrilled. We get to meet her next week, along with the rest of her class for an informal meet and greet. I think maybe the parents are a bit more excited… I’ve already had two parents in the last hour call me to ask what class she is in. So, I made a phone call too…

It seems like we can hardly finish one thing before it is time to do the next. I need to schedule dentist appointments, eye appointments, and our last yearly exams before leaving the Navy… only problem is, my Dependant ID expired and I can’t go to the appointments without one. Then I can’t get a new one unless husband is either with me or he signs a notarized form saying I am “allowed” to get a new ID. Shheeesh!

I need to schedule speakers for my MOPS group. I have emailed, left messages and not had much response. We are doing a curriculum this year… so we have the 7 or 8 studies to go through… but that leaves me with a good 7 or 8 meetings that I need actual speakers for. I had one lady tell me a potential yes… but that would be for a March 2009 meeting. I’d better get on the ball!

Cheerleading is going great. Pig Me Too has met a little friend on the sidelines that she hangs out with while big sis practices. Only problem is, the little girl is quite annoying. She is a bit bullish trying to tell PMT what to do and where to go. I told PMT that she can do what she wants, she does not have to listen to the little girl. Speaking of bullies… husband was watching PMT and cheer practice while I went running the other night. No sooner had I returned when I looked out on the field to see a girl on Pig Will’s team push her to the ground THREE times. PW had a smile on her face, but she is so shy that she would never say anything. I marched over there and the two “coaches” were chatting about the next cheer and not paying attention. My daughter had mud on her knee and a look of pain in her eyes. I asked her if she was okay and then asked the coaches if they saw the girl push her. Of course not. I said I saw it from the sideline (and so did husband) and even if she was just joking around about something, she could still hurt my daughter. They asked her if she pushed PW and she said yes but that she was trying to be silly. I told PW that it was never okay for someone to push you, even if they were being silly and if that happened again to go straight to an adult. Hopefully she will stand up for herself next time! (Hopefully there won’t BE a next time…)

Finally, what is up with the wrapping on DVD cases? I started reviewing another children’s movie last night and first the plastic wrap would not come off and then the tape kept “peeling” instead of coming off in one piece. I love how they put, “peel here” but it doesn’t really help. (insert eye rolling here) So, hopefully that review should be up soon… if I can find the time to type it! I’ll let you know, check back soon.


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  1. Your Biggest Fan

    The corn is as high as an elephants eye, and it looks like it’s climing up to the sky! Oh . . .
    Would you bring some corn to lunch tomorrow. what fun stuff you have going on!

    August 16, 2008 at 8:30 pm

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