Ramblings from my life…

There’s a hole in the bucket…

The girls have been singing this song quite a bit lately. I would always sing this song when I washed their hair because I dumped a bucket over their heads. As most of you know, Pig Me Too hates to have her hair washed. She will scream and cry the entire time while shouting, “almost done?” Well, I think we finally found the solution. Boon has created the Flo! The Flo deflects the water into a soft spout-like shower for kids. They can lean their heads back and rinse the soap out pretty quick instead of several buckets full of water. After washing PMT’s hair the other night, she proclaimed, “We will not use the bucket… never, never again!” So, she has been singing “There’s a hole in the bucket” ever since

In other news, I finally have my first DVD review for NCircle Entertainment up in my Reviews section. Check it out!

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