Ramblings from my life…

They really DO listen!

Maybe all the talk of, “be nice, share with each other, love one another… ” is actually sinking in! With days like the last few where both girls are at each other’s throats either fighting or going crazy… it was nice when I got out of the shower and overheard them playing nicely. They were putting together a puzzle (without being asked!) and were helping each other find certain pieces. They even were telling each other “good job!”.

Day two, here we are and they are still being nice! This afternoon I was on the phone with a friend and when I got off, low and behold… they were looking at a book, together, holding it nicely in-between and listening to the book on tape! It also helps that Pig Will can read pretty well now and Pig Me Too actually stays interested. Before she would take so long to sound out a word and PMT would wander off…

I actually got them to bed at a normal time tonight. The power went out for about two hours…  I cooked burgers and beans on the grill and then the girls played tickle monster with daddy for about 45 mins. I walked the dog and by that time it was too dark in the house to play a board game… so, I put the girls to bed. Ha! First night all summer that they were in bed BEFORE 8 pm! Woo Hoo! Of course, when the lights came on about 10 mins ago, we went to turn on their fans and they were both still awake… but in bed, none-the-less!


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