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Mosquito test 1

The other night the weather was nice, so my husband and I walked outside for a minute. Within 30 seconds, I saw (yes, saw!) two mosquito’s bite me. I tried to swat them… but I guess they got their tasty treat they were after. I ran inside and smashed a garlic clove and patted it on my legs and arms. The girls thought I was funny and asked if they could have some garlic too. We went back outside for 30 minutes and not one single bug flew towards me… I mean, I literally stared at my skin waiting… and nothing! Therefore the theory stays true, mosquitoes hate garlic… and I have a new bug repellent! I think I’m going to hang some cloves from the kids play area. Wonder if the neighbors will think I’m trying to get rid of vampires? I think I’m also going to plant some rosemary and basil in some pots around the back yard… word has it, they don’t like it too much either. We’ll see.

Why do I love to procrastinate? I’ve known about these plants (there is also a Citronella plant) and yet I have not gone out and bought them yet. I think about it when I”m in the car heading somewhere and then say, I’ll do it later. Another day. It is like household chores and scheduling appointments. I can’t seem to get on the ball. I have the card from the dentist sitting here on the desk… but I have yet to schedule appointments for the girls and I.

Tonight Pig Will has her Cheerleading placement tryouts. I’ve never put either girl in any sort of lessons before this summer. No dance, no sports. Last week and this week I finally put them in swimming lessons. I don’t think it was a procrastination… it is just that I can do all of those things… and we have. I dance with the girls, I taught them to do somersaults, ballet moves and how to sing! (We even do warm ups!) In my opinion, the school day is too long and I miss my little girl. I don’t want her gone anymore than she already is. However, she begged me at the end of the year to let her to cheerleading this year… so, I gave in. She actually wanted to do Karate lessons too… but those cost and arm and a leg! It is around $300 for a week of lessons! The cheering is through the community and only cost for them to buy her a uniform and pom-poms. She will learn routines and them cheer at soccer and lacrosse games.


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